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We have curated a list of amazing partners that have products and services that help our goalies improve their game and stay in the latest gear. Please note that we do have an affiliate relationship with these companies and we earn a commission of sales if you click any link below and make a purchase at no extra cost to you. This helps support us in continuing to make great content, and provides you with savings on some amazing products and services!


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CoachThem is the service that we use to build our drills and our practice plans. It is a great tool to compile a large database of drills, share drills and plans with other coaches, and also access a large marketplace of pre-made drills from their network of expert coaches.

Hockey Supremacy

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Hockey Supremacy is a Canadian online hockey equipment retailer. What sets Hockey Supremacy apart is their wicked good rewards points system that helps you save big on future purchases. Depending on your spend level, you can get anywhere from 5-20% back in crown points to be able to lessen the sting of future gear purchases.

Reflexx RLT Training Lights

You can get 5% off your order using code THEDIYGOALIE when you order from the Reflexx RLT website.

Reflexx RLT training lights provide a unique twist to both off-ice and on-ice vision and cognitive training. These lights can be set up manually or automatically to light up in different colours and/or sequences to have athletes react and perform a movement to the light. This form of visual and cognitive training helps to improve reaction time and information processing speed. Here is a video showing some examples of what can be done with the Reflexx lights:

Senaptec Glasses

Use code DIYGOALIE15 for $15 off any Senaptec product, or DIYGOALIE50 for $50 off the elite strobes on the Senaptec website.

Senaptec strobe glasses are a massive difference maker in training your brain to function with less visual cues. The glasses perform a strobing sequence in which the glasses go completely dark for a period of time before “opening” back up again. This causes the brain to have less visual information to process and helps train it to do more with less. These can be used in any sort of tracking drill, from as simple as throwing and catching a ball. The glasses have multiple time delay options from fast strobing (easier) to slow strobing (harder), and the pro and elite models even offer segmented vision such as half and quarter lens vision. Here is what Senaptec glasses can do for you:

Vizual Edge

Use our partner link to get access to up to 15% off the Vizual Edge training program, no coupon code needed!

Vizual Edge is a vision training product that can be done at home anytime. With a pair of 3D glasses, the Vizual Edge program can be done on any tablet or computer and helps to work on six different components of vision. The cool part with the program is that there are different training modes: open gym, which allows you to practice any of the exercises at any time; my plan, which creates a plan based on your evaluation score to help improve your weaknesses; and game day, which is a quick set of exercises to help get your eyes warmed up before a game. Check out this video explaining the Vizual Edge: