Virtual support for minor hockey organizations to support their goalies

We Offer virtual goalie consulting for organizations

Whether it’s training for coaches, virtual workshops for your goalies, or online resources to help your goalies improve their game, we’ve got you covered!

Contact us to set up a conversation to see how we can help you offer better support for the goalies within your organization!

how can you help your goalies improve?

Coach Training

Coaches often have very little knowledge of the goaltending position. We can help your coaches better understand the position of goaltending and how to support their goalies. This includes teaching goaltending basics and common mistakes to look for, running a goalie friendly practice, how to talk to goalies, and more!


Virtual goalie training workshops are a great way to provide goalies tools to improve their game at a fraction of the cost of in-person coaching. These workshops tackle topics such as goal setting, mental training, video breakdowns, on-ice techniques, off-ice training, etc. This can be done at any frequency desired throughout the season and can arm your goalies and their families with knowledge to take with them to improve their game.

Online Resources

In person goalie coaching can be expensive and may spread your budget thin. We can work with you to put together online packages that still provide value for your goalies at a cheaper price. This can include pre-made online goalie courses and apps or even video programs custom tailored to your organization.

Organizational Consulting

We can help you set up your organization to better support your goalies from the top down. We would work with staff within the organization to help build a program that can be used season after season to ensure your goalies are getting the maximum support your organization can offer.


Think your organization could better support your goalies? Contact us so we can help tailor a program that best fits your needs!