Goalie Mentorship Program

Goaltending is a unique position, and unfortunately many parents and coaches know little to none about the position. This can lead to goalies feeling isolated, unsure, or lost, and could also result in them missing out on some key information that could help their development. This is why we offer a mentorship program which helps guide our goalies through the challenges of being a goalie and help them to reach their potential.

​The mentorship program begins with a free initial consultation video call of 15 to 20 minutes to get to know our goalies and help them to see if they feel like the mentorship program is right for them. From there, we will have recurring video calls of about 45-60 minutes in length on a bi weekly basis touching on themes such as goal setting, mental training, on and off ice training, and general support regarding the position of goaltending. Members of our mentorship program will also receive a discount on our video breakdown service as well.

Cost for the program would be $80 (USD) or $110 (CAD) per call, or 10 calls for $650 (USD) or $900 (CAD). This will be discussed at the end of the consultation call.

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