How to Size Goalie Pads

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Goalie pads are mostly sized by how the knee fits on the pad. In order for a pad to be fitted properly, the knee must sit within the knee block (The portion of the pad that sits between the knee and the ice when down in the butterfly position) when the pad is strapped on and the goalie is in the butterfly. If the knee falls above the knee block, the pad is too small, and if the knee falls below the knee block, the pad is too big. Some pads are manufactured with an adjustable knee block, meaning it can be moved up and down slightly to help the pad grow with the goalie.

Properly sized pads have the knee sitting comfortably in the middle of the knee block of the pad.

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Smaller sized pads are usually also narrower than larger pads as they are designed for younger goalies and the narrower design makes the pad lighter. There also is usually less padding as well.

Pads that are too big will have the knee sliding out of the bottom of the knee block on the pad.

Pad sizing is based on one of two measurements (or sometimes both). The two measurements are floor to knee (FTK) and ankle to knee (ATK). Both measurements should be measured with a slight bend in the knee while sitting or standing. FTK measurements are done with a bare foot completely flat on the floor, and is measured from the floor to the centre of the kneecap. ATK measurements are best taken on the outside of the leg, from the centre of the ankle bone to the centre of the kneecap.

The plus sizing (+1″, +1.5″, +2″, etc.) that can be found behind some pad sizes does not affect the actual fit of the pad, and is more of a preference for coverage and style. The plus is referring to an extra inch added to the thigh rise, which is the part of the pad that extends above the knee block. Some goalies like having a large thigh rise (+2″) for more coverage in the butterfly, where some goalies prefer little to no thigh rise as it may cause the pads to catch on themselves while going into the butterfly. Examples of sizing with thigh rise additions include 28+1″, 36+2″.


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Bauer Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Please note that Bauer has gone away from traditional sizing and has introduced sizing with S, M, L, etc. Comparables to the traditional sizing are offered beside the Bauer size. There is no plus sizing to the Bauer thigh rise as the pad is molded and is a standard size.

CCM Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Brian’s Goalie Pads Sizing Chart

True Goalie Pads Sizing Chart

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