How to Size a Goalie Stick

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Sizing a goalie stick mostly comes down to preference. Over the years, the trend has shifted to using smaller sized goalie sticks to make it easier to keep the blocker lower in the butterfly. Goalie sticks are sized by paddle length. The length of the paddle can be measure from where the heel of the stick meets the bottom of the paddle up to where the top of the paddle meets the shaft. Do not measure to where the paddle starts to taper off into the shaft, but where it actually meets the shaft.

The goalie stick measurement is taken from where the blade meets the paddle and the top part of where the paddle meets the shaft

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Again, the sizing for sticks is a general rule of thumb, but make sure when sizing a stick you have the goalie with their skates on trying the stick while holding their blocker. Make sure the blocker is held in a comfortable position while the goalie is in their stance, and the stick sits on the ground with the blade flat. If the stick doesn’t sit on the ground, it would be too small. If the blade of the stick is resting more on the heel with the blade pointing upwards, or if the stick is really far in front of the body making a ramp out of the blade of the stick, the stick is too big.

The shaft length does not matter, and it comes down to goalie preference. Again, the trend is moving towards shorter shafts as it is easier to play the puck, but it also comes down to goalie preference. There is nothing wrong with cutting down the shaft of the stick. Some will argue that it messes with the balance of the stick, but manufacturers do not make sticks to have a specific balance point, and each goalie likes a different feel of their stick. Adjust shaft length so that the goalie is comfortable with the stick. If cutting the shaft down, cut it in small increments to avoid cutting it too short.


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