Five Puck Tracking Sequence

Beginner goalie tracking drill - five puck tracking sequence

To download the pdf of this drill, click here. To view the video of this drill, click here. Description 5 Pucks are set on the ice, 4 in a line in front of the goalie, and one off to the side. The goalie starts on their knees at the top of the crease in the […]

Five Colour Vermicelli Bowl

Hockey goalie skating tracking and cognitive training drill: 5 colour vermicelli bowl

PDF file download See the drill video here This drill can be done in the net or outside of the net, and can be done using pylons (different coloured or numbered), or pucks or other items that are numbered 1-5. The goalie starts in the middle at the top of the crease (or that general […]

The Gauntlet

Goalie stays near the middle and top of the crease for the entire drill. Goalie starts by getting square and facing one of the lower piles of pucks. Coach will shoot 10 pucks low to the side closest to the net. The goalie must use the stick to direct the puck into the net. Any […]

Tennessee Two Step Warm Up

Goalie starts on the opposite post from the pile of pucks. Goalie t-pushes across to the coach who shoots short side along the ice. Goalie makes astick save and then recovers to the rebound (should be back to the post). Goalie then pushes back out to the coach who shoots far side high for aglove […]

Hand Save Execution Breakdown

Coach has pucksin theslot, at top of the crease in butterfly. Coach pulls puck over to slightly, goalie leans body with hands out in front to the side coach goes to. Goalie then executes a visualized save with the hand on theside they areleaning to. Coach then pulls puck across to the other side and […]

Glove Save Recovery to Chest Save

Goalie starts on post, pushes outto elbow. Goalie then pushes to the middle to get square on pile of pucks in slot, coach shoots high to the side the goalie came from. Goalie makes save, recovers back to post. Goalie then pushes off post straightto the top ofthe crease for a second shotin the chest. […]

Box Warm Up

Coachisin theslot and at the top of crease on their feet. The 4 shot follows: shot along theice blocker side for astick save, shot high blocker side for a blocker save, shot high glove side for a glove save, shot along glove side for a stick save. Repeat sequence back to backa few times. Key […]

3 Shot Hand Warm Up

Drill set up as above Goalies starts on post, pushes to top of the crease on angle to puck Coach shoots 3 shots high to the side opposite of where goalie pushed from, allowing for goalie to get set before each shot Firstshot, goalie stays standing to execute the save Second shot, goalie drops nto […]

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