The Iron Cross

Goalie Skating Drill

To download the pdf of this drill, click here. To view the video of this drill, click here. Description The iron cross has the goalie start at the bottom of the circle. They c-cut forwards to the faceoff dot, perform a movement to one of the hashmark, then over to the other hashmark, then back […]

Five Colour Vermicelli Bowl

Hockey goalie skating tracking and cognitive training drill: 5 colour vermicelli bowl

PDF file download See the drill video here This drill can be done in the net or outside of the net, and can be done using pylons (different coloured or numbered), or pucks or other items that are numbered 1-5. The goalie starts in the middle at the top of the crease (or that general […]

Y Movement with Shot

Goaliestarts on postand pushes to top of the crease, goalie then c-cuts forward a few feet. Goalie the c-cuts back to the top of the crease, pushes over to coach, and coach takes play out the rebound. variation: can add butterfly once goalie cuts back to top of crease and then a t-push recovery to […]

Triangle Stick Save Recoveries

3pucksarelaid outin atriangle set up. Goalie is set on top puck. Coach shoots top puck low on to either side, goalie makes stick save. Whichever side coach shoots to, they move to the puck on that side, goalie must t-push recover to get set on puck before coach gets there to shoot. Coach then shoots […]

Standing Grandfather Clock

Goaliestarts on one pile of pucks, across net to get the other pile of pucks, coach shoots along the ice far side, goalie mustmake astick save. Goalie then t push recovers to the first pile of pucks for another far side shotlow, and then t push recovers back to pile. Repeat for an appropriate length […]

Small X Movement Warm Up

Goalie starts on post, t-pushes to far side elbow. Goalie then quickly shuffles to the middle top of crease, coach shoots low along the ice to the side the goalie just shuffled from. Goalie makes stick save which leads into the recovery back to the opposite post from which they started. from the other side. […]

Small Shuffle w Recovery Warmup

Goalie starts on elbow, makes SMALL shuffle adjustments to middle, coach shoots far side. Goalie makes save and t-push recovers to other elbow. Goalie then makes small shuffle adjustments back to middle, coach shoots far side, goalie t-push recovers to first elbow. Repeat Key Points Making small shuffles properly, not bobbing, staying in control proper […]

Shuffle to Middle with Push Back Door

Coach has pucks somewhat tight to the net off to the side, in the bottom inside quarter of the face off circle. Goalie starts on post closest to pile of pucks. Goalie pushes out to elbow, shuffles across to middle top of crease, and then t-pushes back to get set on coach for Play out […]

Figure 8 Skating Warm Up

Goaliemoves around the cones in a figure 8 motion, facing up ice during the whole drill. The goalie is working on transitioning from forwards to backwards around the top of the cone, and from backwards to forwards at the bottom of the cone. The goalie should be in the stance the Cones can be placed […]

Circle Warm Up Skating

Goalies start on hash marks of circles. When told to go, goalie performs movement around circle, whether itbe the whole circle or half the circle based on the movement and goalie skill/conditioning level. movements that can be done: one foot c-cuts forward and backwards, bubble c-cuts forward and backwards, alternating leg c-cuts forward and backward, […]

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