Dynamic T-Push Screens

goalie drill - dynamic t-push screens

To download a pdf of this drill, click here. To watch a video of this drill, click here. Description Goalie starts at the top of the crease, coach has pucks in the slot. Two other goalies are staggered in the slot, one on either side of the middle of the ice. When the coach yells […]

Line Walk Option w Low to Slot Pass

Goalie starts on post with pucks in the corner. Coach 1 passes up to coach 2 and then attacks the net. Goalie pushes up to coach 2. Coach 2 walks theline, goalie makes small adjustments with coach 2. Coach 2 can either makes a shot pass to coach 1 to deflect from the side of […]

Static Screen Tracking

Goalie starts set on pile of pucks with another goalie in front of them Goalie looks above one shoulder of the screen, then around then around the other side of the screen, then over the other shoulder. Coach then passes to the other coach in the slot for play out the rebound. Variations: 1. Coach […]

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