Wide Drive w Stuff and Wrap Around

Goaliestarts set on coach, coach drives down boards below goal line (can shoot to keep goalie honest). Goalie must make small adjustments as coach drives down the boards keeping in mind the dead angle in play. Goalie MUST OVERLAP (staying square to puck, keeping half step infront of the post, and skate can be on […]

Post to Post Movements w Chest Shot

Goalie starts set on coach on oneside. Coach shoots into the chest, goalie corrals rebound. Goalie then pushes back to post and performs a push, look, push across to the other post. Goalie then pushes out to the other coach for shot. Repeat. Variations on post to post movement: Look then one hard post to […]

Box tracking w Behind the Net Pass

Coach starts with puck, passes cross ice to another coach. Goalie t-pushes across to get set. Coach passes down below goal line to other coach, goalie pushes down into post and flattens out along goal line. Coach then walks puck behind the net, and passes out to first coach for Goalie can go post to […]

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