Triangle Stick Save Recoveries

3pucksarelaid outin atriangle set up. Goalie is set on top puck. Coach shoots top puck low on to either side, goalie makes stick save. Whichever side coach shoots to, they move to the puck on that side, goalie must t-push recover to get set on puck before coach gets there to shoot. Coach then shoots […]

Hungry Hungry Goalies

Goalies start outside the circle on their knees. Pucks are randomly spread across the circle. Goalies must inside edge push to a puck, and use their stick to bring the puck back to their starting point. Goalies can only move one puck at a time, and goalies must go out of the circle with their […]

Circle One on One Game

Nets are on the top and bottom of each circle with a goalie in each net. Coaches are split to have half in each circle. Each circle is its own game, coaches can shooton either net and pass around, play it out until a goal is scored. The goalie that gets scored on swaps out […]

Behind Goal Line In Tight Game

Netis flipped around so that itis facing the boards instead of up ice. Posts are still along the goal line. Coach has a puck and plays one on one against the goalie the in tight area until coach scores or goalie Play a few reps and keep score, can add a reward for the winner […]

Back to Back Nets Game

Nets are placed back to back with a goalie in each net. Each coach is responsible for a net, although can roam alittle bit to the back door of the nets beside them. Puckis played out and coaches can shoot on any net or pass around to other coaches. Once a goalie gets scored on, […]

7 Puck Showdown

7pucksarelined up about afoot apart starting just above the top of the crease. Goalie starts set on the puck and coach starts on the puck nearest to the net. Coach can shoot or dekeand then plays out puck until they score or goalie covers it. Coach then peels back to the next puck inline, waits […]

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