Small Adjustment Option

Goalie starts on post and pushes out to be set on the coach. Coach takes puck and goes around pylon to either side to take a high shot to the sameside as the side the coach goes to (short side shot if coach goes to the short side, far side shot if they go to […]

High to Low Low to High Drives

Goalie starts set on far side faceoff dot, and pushes to coach who has a puck at the high pile of pucks. Coach drives low around the cone on the faceoff takes a shot. Goalie must make the small adjustments to stay on angle. ‘Coach then peels off to pick up a puck from the […]

Goalie Two Look Small Adjustments

Goalie starts on post close to coach with pile of pucks. Goalie t-pushes to get set on coach. Coach starts walking laterally across the zone and shoots atsome point. Goalie must make small shuffle adjustments to follow the coach while maintaining angle and being set for a shot. Goalie makes save and follows rebound with […]

Cross Crease Push w Small Adjustment Back

Goalie starts on post, pushes up to short ide elbow. Goalie then t-pushes across to the other elbow to get set on the coach with a puck. Coach walks across the middle with the puck and can shoot at any time. Goalie must follow coach with small adjustment shuffles to maintain their angle but also […]

4 Lane Lateral Movement

across the ringette line. Pucks are close to the boards on either side higher than the pylons. seton coach. Coach walks pickingany of the 4 lanes between the pylons to takea few and shoot. Goalie must follow across with small shuffles to stay square and on angle. Play out the rebound. Repeat on other side […]

2 Shot Cross Ice Depth Control

Download the PDF Goalie starts on post, pushes across far side to get set on coach up at the high pile of pucks. Goalie then c cuts up a little bit to gain some depth. ‘Coach then walks towards the net as goalie c cuts backwards to match speed and coach takes shot low far […]

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