Wide Drive w Stuff and Wrap Around

Goaliestarts set on coach, coach drives down boards below goal line (can shoot to keep goalie honest). Goalie must make small adjustments as
coach drives down the boards keeping in mind the dead angle in play. Goalie MUST OVERLAP (staying square to puck, keeping half step
infront of the post, and skate can be on or just below the goal line) when coach getslow, and once coach crosses the goal line, then the goalie
can transition into the poston their feet flat along the goal line.
Coach then astuffor aquickstep or two above the goal line with a shot. As coach gets close the net, goalie transitions into RVH for
the coach walks above goal line for shot, goalie rotates far side shoulder outto square up tothe puck.
Coach thenloops behind the net, grabs a puck, and wraps the puck around for a stuff or a shot slightly above the goal line. The goalie must
push across from post to postin the RVH to make the save, play outany rebound.
For younger goalies who can’t quite do the RVH, the stuffs can be practiced with a regular butterfly.

Key Points

  • Practicing the overlap
  • transition into the post from overlap position
  • transition into RVH
  • Movementwhilein RVH
  • Proper rotations when making post to post the post with the eyes before making push across, use windows to find
    puckbehind net

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