Two Corner Dump In Option

Coach starts with pucks against the boards by the blue line. Coach rims the puck around the boards, goalie must come out and stop it. It is recommended to stop the puck behind the net to avoid a bounce off he goalie going out in front of the net. It also allows more time for the goalie to get to the puck and in good position to stop the rim.

Right before goalie handles puck, coach yells “backhand” or “forehand.” Goalie must then play the puck to the coach on their backhand side or their forehand said based on what the coach yelled. This pass should be tape to tape. Goalie then gets back to their net by following their pass.

So if the goalie passes to the right side of he net, they return to their net on the right side. If they pass to the left of the net, they return to the left side of the net. This makes it easier to get set and cover the net if the puck is turned over.

The coach who received the pass then passes up to the coach at the blue line. Coach then comes down for a shot (or a pass to one of the other coaches for a shot), play out the rebound with all coaches.

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