Triangle Stick Save Recoveries


3pucksarelaid outin atriangle set up. Goalie is set on top puck. Coach shoots top puck low on to either side, goalie makes stick save.
Whichever side coach shoots to, they move to the puck on that side, goalie must t-push recover to get set on puck before coach gets there to
shoot. Coach then shoots low far side, goalie makes stick save. Coach moves across to last puck, goalie t-push recovers to get set on puck.
Coach then shoots anywhere, play out rebound.
If just beginning to work on recoveries, the final shot can be removed and the goalie just has to focus on recovering after the first shot.
variation: put pucks closer and goalie inside edge pushes instead of t-pushes on recoveries

Key Points

  • Proper stick saveleadinginto recovery
  • getting setwith a good hard stop before the shot comes
  • quickefficient movements
  • proper rotations, finding pucks early

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