The Iron Cross

Goalie Skating Drill

To download the pdf of this drill, click here.

To view the video of this drill, click here.


The iron cross has the goalie start at the bottom of the circle. They c-cut forwards to the faceoff dot, perform a movement to one of the hashmark, then over to the other hashmark, then back to the faceoff dot. They then finish by c-cutting up to the top of the circle. On the next rep, they c-cut backwards to the dot, perform a movement hashmark to hashmark and back to dot, and c-cut backwards to the bottom of the circle.

Movements that can be done include shuffles, t-pushes, t-push recoveries, butterfly slides, inside edge pushes, and knee shuffles (for knee shuffles you may want to shorten up the distance).

Key Points

  • Proper c-cuts with no upper body movement, digging edges into the ice
  • Proper movement techniques such as staying low, good rotations for the long movements, keeping hands out, and good hard stops

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