The Gauntlet


Goalie stays near the middle and top of the crease for the entire drill. Goalie starts by getting square and facing one of the lower piles of pucks.
Coach will shoot 10 pucks low to the side closest to the net. The goalie must use the stick to direct the puck into the net. Any puck that does not
net (unless a bad shot) will resultin 1 up and down at the end of the drill.
The coach will then shoot 10 more pucks high to the closest side of the net. If it’s to the goalies blocker side, the goalie must direct the
the netand any pucks that miss resultin 1up and down. If it’s the the goalie must catch the puck and any puck not caught resultsin 1
up and down at
Switch sides to the other low pile of pucks, and repeat the 10 low shots and 10 high shots.
Goalie then gets set and square on the pucks in the slot and takes 10 shots to the chest. Each puck that bounces outand isn’t corralled is 1up
and down. Atthe end, goalie does all up and downs that were tallied.
For younger goalies or goalies with less stamina, 5 pucks can be done per shot type. Up and downs can be substituted for other movements, or
can be eliminated altogether if desired.

Key Points

  • Rebound control, directing pucks to the side
  • tracking and proper save execution
  • endurance/stamina

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