Tennessee Two Step Warm Up

Goalie starts on the opposite post from the pile of pucks. Goalie t-pushes across to the coach who shoots short side along the ice. Goalie makes
astick save and then recovers to the rebound (should be back to the post). Goalie then pushes back out to the coach who shoots far side high
for aglove or blocker save. Play out any rebound on the second shot.
The recovery from the first save can be done to the feet, or on the knees. If the recovery is done on the knees, then the push out off the post
should be done to feet.

Key Points

  • Proper pushes with looking and rotating before the push
  • hard stops to get on the pushes, no drifting
  • proper stick saves out in front of body
  • proper glove saves out in front of body
  • tracking puck from release all the way to contact and off the body

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