Net Rebound Control

Asecond netis set off to one side, with the goalie set on the post of the other side. Goalie pushes to the top of the crease, coach shoots low
alongtheice to theside the nets on. Goalie must make stick save and track the rebound goingnto the net.
Goalie then gets reset at the top of the crease, coach shoots high to that same side; if goalie makes blocker save, goalie tracks rebound into the
net, ifit’sa glove save, goalie tracks puckinto glove and holds the track for asecond. Goalie resets back to post. Switch sides after a few reps.
For added competition and fun, you could have goalies compete to see who can score the most goals and whoever wins gets a reward, or seta
number of misses and if the goalie stays under the number of misses, the coach has to do push ups.

Key Points

  • Tracking
  • Proper save execution, gloves and stick
  • Rebound control, being able to place rebounds to an area

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