Low to High Shot w Back Door Pass

Goalie starts on post with pucks in the corner. Coach 1 passes to coach 2, goalie pushes across to get set on coach 2. Coach 2 shoots low short
side, goalie makes stick save and recovers to post. Goalie then pushes to get the second pile of pucks, and coach 2 loops around and
grabs a puck. Coach 1 starts to attack the back door. Coach 2 walks up and alittle to the middle as the goalie follows with small adjustments.
Coach 2 passes to coach 1 for a back door shot, goalie will most likely have to slide to get across, play out the rebound.

  • Awareness of threats
  • small adjustments to stay on angle
  • proper rotations for movements and slides, try to beat the pass; if sliding, ensure to use the lead leg to brake if the slide will cause the
    goalie to pass the shooter’s stick
  • getting the proper head rotation and using eyes to find where to push

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