Line Walk Option w Low to Slot Pass

Goalie starts on post with pucks in the corner. Coach 1 passes up to coach 2 and then attacks the net. Goalie pushes up to coach 2. Coach 2
walks theline, goalie makes small adjustments with coach 2. Coach 2 can either makes a shot pass to coach 1 to deflect from the side of the net,
or shoots on netfor rebound.

goalie then resets on post, coach 1 circles back to corner and grabs another puck. Coach 2 drives low into the slot or back door area. Coach 1
passes to coach 2 for a quick shot, goalie must get across (preferably on feet if possible to beat the pass), play out the rebound.
For added difficulty, the second shot can add the option for Coach 1 to drive the net for a shot or stuff, as well as the pass back door.

Key Points

  • Awareness of threats
  • proper rotations before any movements; use the head to find where to push to, then rotate body and hard push
  • Getting setearly, ie beating the pass; make sure there is a hard stop at the end of the push.
  • Small adjustment to a deflection, do not over slide into the save

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