Goalie Two Look Small Adjustments


Goalie starts on post close to coach with pile of pucks. Goalie t-pushes to get set on coach. Coach starts walking laterally across the zone and
shoots atsome point. Goalie must make small shuffle adjustments to follow the coach while maintaining angle and being set for a shot. Goalie
makes save and follows rebound with their eyes.
goalie then finds second pile of pucks and t-push recovers on to pile of pucks. Coach grabs a puck from pile and loops up and around to attack
the net for ashot, play out the rebound. Again, goalie must make small adjustments to stay on their angle and be set for a shot at any time.

Key Points

  • Proper Small adjustments to maintain angle with the puck and staying set ready to make a save; stop the drill if the goalie is off angle and
  • Proper save execution and tracking

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