Glove Save Recovery to Chest Save

Goalie starts on post, pushes outto elbow. Goalie then pushes to the middle to get square on pile of pucks in slot, coach shoots high to the side the goalie came from. Goalie makes save, recovers back to post. Goalie then pushes off post straightto the top ofthe crease for a second shotin the chest.

Key Points

  • Proper save execution (leaning into saves, not sliding into saves, keeping hands in front, cradling chest saves)
  • tracking (watch puck from blade of stick to contactwith body, and then off of body if required)
  • rebound control (directpucks to corner or control rebound by smothering, catching, or covering puck)
  • recoveries (have saves lead into post save recovery to feetby rotating properly before pushing)

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