Five Puck Tracking Sequence

Beginner goalie tracking drill - five puck tracking sequence

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5 Pucks are set on the ice, 4 in a line in front of the goalie, and one off to the side. The goalie starts on their knees at the top of the crease in the middle. The pucks are labelled 1 to 5, where 1 is the furthest away from the goalie, and each puck following goes up 2, 3, etc.

The coach yells “ONE” and the goalie must use their eyes to look at the first puck. The coach yells “TWO” and the goalie looks at the second puck, etc. At first, this can be done a little slower to get the goalies used to following the puck trajectory with their eyes, but then gets quicker as the reps go on.

For puck 5, the goalie must not only find it with their eyes, but also make a rotation to square up to the puck, because after the coach yells “FIVE,” they will then yell “GO.” The goalie will then make a recovery over to the pile of pucks where the coach is at, and the coach will take a shot into the chest. The goalie must track the puck into the chest, and make a proper body lean and cradle of the puck to make the save.

Key Points

  • Getting used to tracking the puck. The goalie should really be encouraged to use their eyes and head to follow each puck, just like they are making a save.
  • The goalie should also be tracking down to the pucks. Chin down to chest is a good habit that should be taught.
  • Proper rotation and recovery into the push across for the shot.
  • Chest save should be tracked in, cradled properly, and the body should be leaning into the save.

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