Figure 8 Skating Warm Up


Goaliemoves around the cones in a figure 8 motion, facing up ice during the whole drill. The goalie is working on transitioning from forwards
to backwards around the top of the cone, and from backwards to forwards at the bottom of the cone. The goalie should be in the stance the
Cones can be placed so they are up/down or east/west to change up the pivot point and give a different look.
the goalis to focus on the edge work and transitions. Forward to backward transitions are done by performing a pivot where the goalies feet
make astopping motion with their lead foot, but as the goalieis stopping.” they are loading their leg to perform a backwards cut to transition
themselves from forward to backward. Backward to forward transitions can either be done using a cross over, if the goalie can do one, or by
openingup for an eagle turn type pivot, where the backleg is loaded up with weight and then the goalie transitions that weight to thelead foot
to gain forward momentum.

Key Points

  • Good,quick transitions
  • maintain stance
  • proper weight transfer
  • Proper c-cuts; theice by bending the knees for power, keepingupper body from bobbing or rotating

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