Dynamic T-Push Screens

goalie drill - dynamic t-push screens

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Goalie starts at the top of the crease, coach has pucks in the slot. Two other goalies are staggered in the slot, one on either side of the middle of the ice. When the coach yells go, the goalies in the slot t-push across (ensure proper pushes) to the other side of the middle of the ice, creating a two layer moving screen. Once there is a shooting lane created as the goalies have pushed across the ice, the coach will then shoot. The goalie must find the puck through traffic to make the save. Play out any rebounds.

The goalie in the net can also start on their post and push to the top of the crease if desired. The goalies who are pushing can push across using other movements such as butterfly slides or inside edge pushes if desired.

Key Points

  • Fighting for sight of the puck
  • Maintaining position while finding the puck
  • Proper pushes across when being the goalie not in the net

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