Circle Warm Up Skating

Goalies start on hash marks of circles. When told to go, goalie performs movement around circle, whether itbe the whole circle or half the
circle based on the movement and goalie skill/conditioning level.
movements that can be done: one foot c-cuts forward and backwards, bubble c-cuts forward and backwards, alternating leg c-cuts forward
and backward, shuffles, tpushes, tpush recoveries, slides, inside edge pushes, knee shuffles.
once the goalie does one rep around the circle (or half), they should go back the other way performing the movement to the other side

Key Points

  • Solid movement fundamentals such as crisp edge work on c-cuts, hard stops and good rotations on pushes
  • ensure goalie stayslow during all movements, no bobbing
  • maintain proper stance, hands outin front during all movements

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