Box tracking w Behind the Net Pass

Coach starts with puck, passes cross ice to another coach. Goalie t-pushes across to get set. Coach passes down below goal line to other coach,
goalie pushes down into post and flattens out along goal line. Coach then walks puck behind the net, and passes out to first coach for
Goalie can go post to post on their feet, sliding to their knees, or droppinginto RVH and then pushing across on their knees, depending on
to be worked on. Same situation with the push off the post out to the shot, goalie can bump out on their feet, or push out to their feet
from their knees, or staying on their knees.
After shot, play out the rebound.

Key Points

  • Stayinglow through all the pushes
  • proper rotations on all pushe
  • proper look around elbow before post to post movements
  • getting set before pass arrives

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