3 Shot Hand Warm Up

  • Drill set up as above
  • Goalies starts on post, pushes to top of the crease on angle to puck
  • Coach shoots 3 shots high to the side opposite of where goalie pushed from, allowing for goalie to get set before each shot
  • Firstshot, goalie stays standing to execute the save
  • Second shot, goalie drops nto butterfly while shot is coming to execute the save
  • Third shot, goalie stays down in butterfly from second shot to execute the save
  • Goalie then performs proper recovery back to opposite post from where they started
  • Goaliestarts on the new post to perform drill on the other side

Key Points

  • Tracking puck into hands (and off applicable)
  • Keeping handsin body to make save
  • Leaningbody towards the save
  • Proper push and setwith proper angleand depth
  • Proper recovery with good rotation back to post

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