2 Shot Cross Ice Depth Control

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    Goalie starts on post, pushes across far side to get set on coach up at the high pile of pucks. Goalie then c cuts up a little bit to gain some depth.
    ‘Coach then walks towards the net as goalie c cuts backwards to match speed and coach takes shot low far side for a stick save.
    Goalie then performs a proper post save recovery back to the far side post. Coach then carries forward to the low pile of pucks. Goalie makes a
    t-push across to be the coach for a play out the rebound. On this push, the positioning is the most important, depth is
    secondary as the shot is in tight and alot of depth is not necessarily needed.

    Key Points

    • Proper rotations during pushes
    • proper depth and speed matching as coach attacks the net
    • Good hard stops with early setting at the end of a push
    • Proper rebound control
    • Proper rebound control

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