Courses for Goalies

Unfortunately, very few goalies get the development that they need for their organizations. Quality private goalie coaching can also be very expensive and hard to find, depending on where you’re located. This is why we have designed a complete goaltending breakdown course!

Our course breaks the position of goaltending down into 26 easy to digest videos, and provides lifetime access to the course for a one time payment (about the cost of a couple private goalie lessons). During the videos, the position is boiled down to the basics to really help you understand WHY you need to be certain things and how it can help improve your game. Even our video editor who has never watched or played hockey in his life said he learned quite a bit about how to be a goalie!

The Complete Course
minor hockey organization support for goalies

The course is also broken down into four sections which stand alone as their own mini-course, if you feel like you only need to work on a specific set of skills. The full set of videos is as follows:


  • Stance
  • Butterfly
  • C-cuts
  • Squareness
  • Angles
  • Shuffles
  • T-pushes
  • Depth

Beginner Course


  • Tracking
  • Save Execution
  • Rebound Control
  • Butterfly Slides
  • Inside Edge Pushes
  • Lateral Play

Basics Course


  • Standing Post Play
  • Stopping Pucks Behind the Net
  • Post Save Recovery
  • In Tight Play
  • Battling
  • Situational Awareness

Intermediate Course


  • RVH Post Play
  • Deflections
  • Screens
  • Puck Playing
  • Odd Man Rushes
  • Breakaways

Advanced Course

Course Testimonials

The “Complete Goaltending Breakdown Course” is very easy to understand and very thorough. The course has four different categories that can be purchased together or on their own. Each category and topic includes a Development Plan Checklist and Practice Plans. The practice plans can be used to practice what was learned in each lesson. The four categories of the course include: Beginner, The Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced.

In just a short period of time of virtual training with The DIY Goalie, my game has improved dramatically! I would recommend them to any goalie looking to take their game to the level.

– Tony I.