How to Run a Goalie Friendly Practice

Goalies are often left out from their practices and do not get the development they need. A lot of this stems from a lack of knowledge from coaching staff who simply have little to no exposure on the goaltending position. So how can we address that? Well a few simple adjustments in the way a practice is structured can allow a goalie to thrive just as much as the players. This article covers the following points:

What to Look For in a Goalie Coach

goalie coaching goalie drills hockey size goalie equipment

For goalies, it can be incredibly hard to find good quality goalie coaching. Unfortunately, it is a position that few play, and those that do play don’t necessarily make good coaches. Since goalie coaching can be expensive and hard to find, you want to make sure that your investment is going towards the right person. […]

6 Tips for a High Performance Pre-Game Meal

Healthy pre-game meal tips for goalies

Mike is a Registered Dietitian that likes helping clients with fat loss, building muscle, and sports specific nutrition. He enjoys helping simplify nutrition information, and to make practical recommendations.   As a hockey goalie, your performance on the ice depends on what you fuel your body with before the game. Here are six tips to […]

Why an Off-Season Training Program is Important for Goalies

goalie strength condition stretching drills

Chris Sharkey is a former goalie having played multiple years at the AAA level before playing Junior A in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. Chris is now the Performance Manager of Acumen Performance & Reconditioning in Edmonton and Calgary. There he focuses on helping athletes unlock their potential with proper off-season training programs designed to […]

How To Deal With A Struggling Goalie

How to help a struggling goalie, how to get out of a slump, how to improve mental toughness

Jump to: The Mental Approach The Training Approach Unfortunately, at some point or another in their career, every goalie will go through a tough patch where they are not performing to their standards. Even more unfortunately, these dips in performance are highlighted because the goalie does not have anyone to hide behind. A bad mistake […]

How to Size a Goalie Chest Protector

how to fit and size a goalie chest protector with sizing charts

Jump to: Article Sizing Charts Bauer Sizing Chart CCM Sizing Chart Brian’s Sizing Chart Vaughn Sizing Chart Warrior Sizing Chart There is a lot that goes into ensuring a chest protector fits a goalie properly. Fortunately, chest protectors are one of the most adjustable pieces of equipment that a goalie wears. Each chest protector offers […]

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