Our Team

Nathan Park

The DIY Goalie was created by former goalie and current goalie coach Nathan Park. Nathan played goal for just under 20 years including two years of college and four years of Junior A around Canada. During his last year of college, he played in an exhibition game against the Edmonton Oilers rookies and made 30 saves in half a game to help secure a 2-0 win. This lead to being the emergency back-up goalie (EBUG) for the Edmonton Oilers for 12 games over two seasons.

Since then, Nathan has founded True North Goaltending to serve the Edmonton, Alberta area with goalie coaching sessions and camps. With the approach of breaking down the position for goalies, the idea for the DIY Goalie was born to bring the quality coaching approach to goalies around the world. Goalies are criminally underserved in many regions around the world, and the DIY Goalie is an approach to try and mitigate this problem.