Podcast Episode 001 – Nutrition for Increased On Ice Performance with Michael Fouts

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    Episode Description

    In our inaugural podcast episode, we sit down with registered dietician and owner of Leverage Nutrition, Michael Fouts. During the episode, we dive into how to simplify high performance nutrition. Mike explains the use of athlete plates and how they can make for an easy visual to accomplish your nutrition goals. We also talk about how to deal with crammed tournament weekends and awkward timing of games (we’re looking at you beer leaguers) to ensure you are making the proper nutrition choices.

    We encourage you to join the email list on the Leverage Nutrition website for weekly info and quick, nutritious recipes. Take a look at the athlete plates resources above to see the visuals of how athlete plates work to be able to use them properly. Also, use the link above to check out the courses that Mike has put together. There is one for in season and one for off season and the discount code works for both. They are a great resource to break down and provide more insight for high performance nutrition.

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